COMPLIANT & SEcure BPO services for crypto & NFT

Blockchain front- and back-office support built to adapt to both the predictable and unpredictable.

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Your outsourcing experts for Crypto & NFT

The complex regulatory requirements of cryptocurrency and non-fungible token markets require extreme accuracy in functions from error resolution to identity verification. As a leading crypto BPO, we help you reduce risks, minimize unnecessary losses, and resolve customer dispute, chargeback, and fraud claims with less effort for both agents and customers. Our staff are armed with specialized compliance, data security, and financial services training to manage complex transactions and resolve customer issues efficiently. We put your customers first, using data and technology to drive faster, more personalized customer experiences.
Your outsourcing experts for {%Crypto & NFT%}

CX flexibility & scalability

Challenger brands are finally realizing how superior customer experiences can dramatically increase brand loyalty—and user advocacy. Want to know how to outsource fearlessly?

CX flexibility & scalability

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What do we do for CRYPTO & NFT


Crypto chargebacks, fraud investigations, and refunds are a complicated and financially risky process that require expert management. We transform negative situations into positive customer experiences with empathy, as well as:

Specialized knowledge

Actionable customer data

Customized technologies


We deploy fraud-prevention technology tools, such as machine learning-based Sift Science, to help protect your card program or digital wallet. Our fraud investigations include:

Unusual pattern recognition

Blocking or unblocking accounts

Outbound calls to verify transactions


We flag suspicious activity surrounding money laundering concerns and unverified customer transactions. Our comprehensive approach includes in-depth monitoring of:

Critical detail sources

Automated pre-set alerts

Transaction irregularities


Create more efficient transactions with technology that both validates user identity and provides agents with the data they need to succeed. Technologies work in concert with agents to:

Classify contact dispositions

Provide predictive metrics

Direct resource allocation

Customer CX Acceleration

Ubiquity is well… ubiquitous. We make sure your customers can connect with your brand on any device, in any channel, and at a response rate that exceeds expectations. Our contact center model provides:

Seamless technology delivery

Engaged brand ambassadors

Agent performance incentives

A Few of our Crypto & NFT partners

    How we transform cx for crypto

    Applying the right service approach to the right financial services channels gets customers on your side. Challenger brand Curve, which connects multiple debit and credit cards through a simple app, recently began offering cryptocurrency purchasing through its primary card.

    Ubiquity combined supportive agent technologies and innovations in analytics and automation to provide exceptional customer experiences for Curve users. We applied our decades of experience in navigating financial legislation, compliance standards, and ever-evolving customer expectations to de-risk complex change in a highly regulated environment.


      We needed a partner we could trust not only with our customers but also with our growing business. Ubiquity’s financial services and compliance knowledge, along with their commitment to collaboration and providing actionable business insights have made them an invaluable partner and we’re just getting started.

      Shachar Bialick

      Founder & CEO, Curve

    Our Fear-free guarantee

    Ubiquity offers measurable savings over managing your CX services in-house and even helps to lower operating costs of work already being outsourced. Our proven approach helps brands Scale Fearlessly and receive a return on outsourcing (RoO).

    • 35%

      Conversion Rate

    • Stats
    • 2x

      Double sales

    • Stats
    • 30%

      Reduce Average handle time

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    Outsource with confidence

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