An empathetic ear makes all the difference in travel & hospitality service

The secret is making travelers feel comfortable and at home every day.

Wherever they are, travelers expect you to be there for them

Customer service agents in the travel and hospitality industry play a crucial role in ensuring positive customer experiences. Agents are prepared to handle a wide variety of customer requests before, during, and after a trip. Here are typical aspects of travel and hospitality services that would be handled by a customer service agent:
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Sectors we serve

Empathetic staff for travel & hospitality


Helping customers with booking flights, hotels, rental cars, or other travel services, agents assist in selecting options, confirming reservations, and providing relevant details. Ubiquity agents guide worried travelers through ticketing processes, boarding procedures, and baggage allowance policies.


Customers want an understanding voice on the other end of the line when modifying flight dates, changing hotel reservations, or adjusting other components of their itinerary. Fast issue resolution is our strong suit, directly addressing customer complaints, concerns, or issues related to their travel experience.


Agents work to accommodate special requests from customers, such as dietary preferences, room preferences, or specific travel accommodations. Booking hotels is also an ideal time to open conversations about understanding and maximizing the value of loyalty programs, and conduct post-trip follow-ups to ensure overall customer satisfaction.


Travelers are willing to pay a premium for hassle-free travel services such as supplying information on required travel documentation, destination local services, lost luggage retrieval, and cancellations and refunds. Ubiquity agents guide customers through the cancellation and refund process while retaining empathy for their unique situation.

Services we offer

Elevating how you work Elevating Experiences

Outsourcing is a big decision (whether it’s your first time or not). After all, it’s not easy to trust someone else with the most valuable part of your business—your customers.


From customer care to technical support, sales and retention campaigns to sensitive loan and collection services, we put your customers first, using data and technology to drive faster, more personalized customer experiences.
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We manage the complex administrative and regulatory requirements of Fraud, Risk, and Compliance outsourcing, from identity verifications to dispute resolutions. With our expertise, you reduce risks, minimize losses, and help customers navigate claims with less effort.
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Our back-office solutions cover all the bases when supporting a unified customer experience. We take care of analytics, auditing, research, and management so your middle and front office customer service agents can thrive right along with your delighted customers.
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We’re pioneering world-class outsourcing management to drive the business transformation strategies of both challenger and legacy brands. Our consultative approach to solution design delivers winning strategies to grow your reach and deepen your customer trust.
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    The team at Ubiquity has been extremely diligent in ensuring that agents are trained to work alongside AI Virtual Assistants to drive key business metrics such as increasing sales, boosting average order value and enhancing end customer experience. Ubiquity will continue to be a valuable partner for us as we expand our business.

    Jason Shepard

    Director of Operations, ConverseNow

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  • 2x

    Double sales

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  • 35%

    Conversion Rate

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  • 30%

    Reduced Average handle time


Ubiquity empowers you to redefine customer engagement. We believe clients deserve more.

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