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How consistent BPO execution fuels reliable shipping, transport, and logistics.
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Are you keeping up with the ‘on-the-go’ generation?

More than just convenience, consumers are expecting unparalleled visibility and responsiveness from their service providers. They want to know the status of every transaction, from point A to point B, and everywhere in between. You need to be on the right channel when and where each customer needs you—and be ready with the right answer. To improve deflection rates, your solutions should resolve issues seamlessly. Data must be immediately available to know why a customer is contacting you before you connect on any channel. On the service provider side, it’s imperative to leverage the same data to create new efficiencies in operations and deliveries. Analyzing how quickly delays or service interruptions are resolved not only improves service delivery at all points but informs resource allocations in your service department.
Are you keeping up with the {%‘on-the-go’%} generation?


What do we do for Logistics & Shipping


Customer helpdesk, e-commerce registration, service/rate enquiries, and customer data file administration.


PO creation, driver logs and fuel tickets, global tracking, equipment control, terminal operations, transshipments, and cross-docking.


Bill of lading and airway bill management, freight corrections and reporting, data transmission, and customs and port compliance.


Accounts payable and receivable, credit and collections, vendor helpdesk, management reporting, and audit and vendor reconciliation.


Tariff updates, rate quotes, global tender management, freight bookings, yield analysis, and contract/rate maintenance.

Automated delivery + exceptional CX = 50% cost reduction

A digital agent named “George” automates food ordering on the phone, but he sometimes needs backup from live agents. As this AI-enabled service (developed by ConverseNow) grew and added new restaurant partners, the app’s in-house support team buckled—agent engagement was low and performance was suffering. Ubiquity created a training curriculum to ensure agents weren’t overly scripted but instead offered fast, authentic support to frustrated customers. The Quality Assurance team also devised a scorecard that emphasized agent empathy and active listening as well as the company’s quantitative KPIs. By cultivating an eager and engaged team, Ubiquity outperformed the in-house group by a wide margin and consistently turned exasperated customers into brand champions.
Automated delivery + {%exceptional CX%} = 50% cost reduction

    We didn’t expect Ubiquity to make us better in our own call centers, but they came in with their experience, data, and reporting, and that’s exactly what has happened. We’ve upped our game and improved our own operations as a result.

    Nathan Usher

    Executive Vice President, American Logistics

  • 35%

    Conversion Rate

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  • 2x

    Double sales

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  • 30%

    Reduce Average handle time

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Ubiquity empowers you to redefine customer engagement. We believe clients deserve more.

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