Omnichannel CX management for business growth trajectories

Delivering world-class customer experience & reliably exceptional performance is only the beginning.
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World-Class CX

What is omnichannel CX management?

From customer care to technical support, sales and retention campaigns to sensitive loan and collection services, we put your customers first, using data and technology to drive faster, more personalized customer experiences. No matter how complex your business, we deliver world-class CX with every interaction.

What is omnichannel CX management?


Full suite of CX Management services

We’re all about helping you scale your CX and your business. Delivering world-class customer experiences is only the beginning.


Every person on your Ubiquity team has industry acumen, cares about and understands your brand, and is empowered to help your customers. Their passion and knowledge ensures your customer queries are handled expertly and disputes are resolved swiftly.


At Ubiquity, we specialize in providing comprehensive Lead Generation services designed to drive your business growth. Our unique approach combines cutting-edge technology with industry-proven expertise to deliver high-quality leads that convert. We focus on creating a consistent stream of potential customers, allowing you to concentrate on scaling your business.


Boost participation with timely, clear, and transparent information about the program and all its benefits, rewards, terms, and conditions. Personalized assistance and recommendations based on customer preferences and transaction history create trust-based relationships.


Outsourcing specialized accounts receivable services allows organizations to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the expertise of third-party providers. This approach can lead to improved cash flow, reduced operational costs, and increased customer satisfaction through effective receivables management.


Consumer brands typically offer various types of technical support to assist customers with product-related issues and inquiries. The combination of these technical support options enables consumer brands to cater to diverse customer preferences and address a wide range of technical issues effectively. The goal is to provide timely and accurate assistance to enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Maximize ROI with expert customer experience management

Some outsourcers overestimate the power of digital and underestimate the power of their people. As an experienced BPO partner, we know you need technology that makes things easier for your customers to self-serve and makes it easier your agents to deliver the very best customer experience in every channel.

{%Maximize ROI%} with expert customer experience management


A proven appproach
to help brands conquer their biggest challenges


A proven appproach
to help brands conquer their biggest challenges

How we work

Multichannel support for enhanced customer experience

Global, multilingual call centers
Live & AI enabled chat
Interactive voice response (IVR)
Social Media
In-app & SMS
{%Multichannel support%} for enhanced customer experience

    Everything we do is for our customers. Ubiquity’s expertise helped ensure that we launched with full confidence, not only in our mission-driven products and services but in the overall support infrastructure we built. Together, we’re delivering the next generation of banking.

    Hussein Ahmed

    Founder & Chief Product Officer, Oxygen

Your Brand. Our Expertise. Infinite Possibilities.

Ubiquity empowers you to redefine customer engagement. Are you up for the challenge?

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