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Partner with Ubiquity for BPO services that offer the flexibility and support to thrive in environmental services year-round.

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High Service levels & effective Upselling in Environmental Services For Home & Business

We offer tailored BPO solutions designed specifically for the environmental services industry, focusing on driving operational excellence and adapting to the unique demands of the sector. Our approach ensures that your business benefits from efficient, effective support, with a keen understanding of the seasonal nuances in workforce requirements. Additionally, we place a high priority on customer engagement, committing to deliver outstanding service to both residential and commercial clients. This dual focus on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is central to our mission of providing value-driven support that meets your specific needs.

High Service levels & effective Upselling in {%Environmental Services%} For Home & Business


Who We Perform Environmental Services For

We field service calls, schedule visits, cross-sell capabilities, upsell services, and manage your complete CX program.

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Pest Control

Enhancing customer service, scheduling, and follow-up for pest control businesses, ensuring top-notch customer experiences and efficient service delivery.

Recycling Programs & Facilities icon

Recycling Programs & Facilities

Boosting engagement and operational efficiency for recycling centers, focusing on customer inquiries and program support.

Tree & Lawn Care Services icon

Tree & Lawn Care Services

Providing support for tree and lawn care businesses with customer service, appointment scheduling, and service follow-ups to maintain lush, healthy outdoor spaces for clients.

Case Study

Elevationg customer experiences in environmental services

Discover the power of partnership with us through a compelling success story: A leading pest control company transformed their customer experience with our help, achieving remarkable results. Within just the first month of our collaboration, we implemented a new customer experience (CX) service plan, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency. Our efforts led to an impressive call answer rate and a notable reduction in call handling time, setting a new standard in customer service excellence.

In a detailed case study, see how Viking Pest Control exceeded ambitious KPIs with a 98% call answer rate over three months.

Elevationg customer experiences in environmental services


WHAT WE DO FOR Environmental Services

Omnichannel Customer Support

Offering comprehensive customer support across phone, email, chat, and social media to ensure your clients always have access to the help they need.

Sales & Lead Generation

Utilizing advanced techniques to drive sales and generate leads, helping your business to grow and capture new market opportunities.

Appointment Scheduling & Management

Streamlining appointment bookings to optimize your service schedules and enhance customer satisfaction.

Invoicing & Payment Processing

Efficient handling of invoicing and accounts receivable to improve cash flow and reduce administrative burdens.

Customer Feedback & Retention Programs

Implementing feedback loops and retention strategies to keep your customers engaged and loyal.

Our Fear-Free Guarantee

Ubiquity offers measurable savings over managing your CX services in-house and even helps to lower operating costs of work already being outsourced. Our proven approach helps brands Outsource Fearlessly and receive a return on outsourcing (RoO).


    We couldn’t find enough customer experience staff that would show up to work reliably. Ubiquity was able to quickly and smoothly bring up a CX team offshore. We are now meeting our service levels for the first time that I can remember. Ubiquity made it so easy for us to outsource.

    Paul Bergmann

    President, Viking Pest Controls

  • 35%

    Conversion Rate

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  • 2x

    Double sales

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  • 30%

    Reduce Average handle time

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Optimize your CX, reduce operating costs, & gain a competitive advantage

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