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How CX data drives customer loyalty for challenger banks

One of the most pressing challenges banks must face is identifying the optimal balance between automation and technology with humanization. Banks can identify the pivotal CX touchpoints by staying close to customer sentiment.
An excerpt from this Whitepaper:
“The conversation banks need to have now is moving from digital adoption, where a customer might just download and use a mobile app, to digital engagement, where a customer is invested in using features and functionality that lead them to be much more satisfied with your financial brand,” said Bob Neuhaus, executive managing director financial services at J.D. Power. “But digital engagement is more than a seamless experience,” Neuhaus noted. “If you just focus on being easy to do business with and taking the friction out, you become invisible to the consumer. Banks need to go deeper than removing problems to think about connecting at a more emotional level with their customers to build trust.” Connecting with consumers on an emotional level — and at scale — is no simple feat. But with the right resources, banks can capture and operationalize CX data in real time, turning insights into action and ultimately driving more engagement and loyalty. Here’s how:
What you’ll learn:
  • How to support optimal human touchpoints with technology and automation: Personalization within the customer journey is expected by the average banking customer today.
  • Why customer service agent training is a critical ongoing function: Fintech customers still want to talk to a real person who can solve their problems when they are frustrated.
  • How to use CX data to create personalized customer life cycles: Data analytics can leverage the entire customer journey to deliver faster resolutions and truly transformative CX.
  • 6 notable fintech examples of how personalization amped up ROI: Discover hidden opportunities in CX data that have yet to be fully applied across the banking industry.


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