Webinar: New Techniques in Fighting Identity Fraud

This on-demand webinar outlines steps you can take to combat fraudsters that are getting more sophisticated and organized in their approaches.
Banks and fintechs grappling with increasing identity fraud levels need to take care not to alienate their customers in the process of fighting it. From the call center to high-level task forces, all stakeholders should explore techniques that foster customer buy-in, rather than solely concentrating on the banks’ needs.
During a recent PaymentsJournal webinar, Ubiquity’s Chief Operating Officer Corey Besaw and Javelin Strategy and Research’s Director of Fraud and Security Tracy Kitten, discussed the challenges customer support and dispute investigators face when it comes to account takeover (ATO) fraud, how Ubiquity is working with partners to help identify fraud rings, and how financial services providers are adapting to thwart fraudsters.
Here you’ll discover:
Fraudsters latest schemes, such as “double-dipping”
How to combat account takeover fraud (ATO)
The tools customer service agents should have at hand
How to balance fraud prevention with blocking accounts

Discover more strategies to combat financial fraud that you can implement today.

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