Forbes Council: How to prioritize CX while navigating spending cuts

In a shaky economy, cutting back on customer service can harm customer experience (CX), a crucial success factor. Discover optimization strategies you need to prioritize CX while navigating spending cuts.

In an uncertain economic climate, organizations can find themselves under pressure to reduce costs. While customer service investments are commonly targeted for cutbacks, this can have detrimental effects on customer experience (CX), which has become a crucial factor for brand success. 

Ubiquity’s President & Chief Customer Officer, Sagar Rajgopal highlights the importance of prioritizing CX and offers optimization strategies to focus on while navigating spending cuts in his latest feature for Forbes Council. 

Strategies to Optimize CX for Profitability

Making self-service work for customers, not against them. Design (or redesign) tools such as IVR systems and chatbots to address simple customer inquiries effectively. Rather than simply implementing barriers to get to a live agent, which can increase customer effort, this approach reduces call volumes and costs while ensuring complex issues are promptly escalated to live agents. 

Getting and using customer and agent feedback. Use customer scorecards, quality audits, and key performance indicators to understand customer preferences and areas that require improvement. Similarly, gathering agent feedback enhances the customer experience and empowers employees.

Recognizing that workforce management demands analytics and engaged employees. A common mistake companies make is overlooking or avoiding addressing customer wait time or turnaround time to address a query or complaint. This can lead to customer frustration and exacerbate the problem if customers are calling back repeatedly to solve the same issue.Understanding and monitoring key metrics like customer wait and turnaround times through proactive workforce management can solve for staffing issues and ensure customers are addressed quickly. Investing in overall employee engagement and recognition can also improve productivity and agent retention, resulting in better CX.

While spending cuts are challenging, optimizing CX can lead to long-term benefits for the overall health and profitability of a business. By prioritizing customer experience and implementing the suggested strategies, organizations can drive customer loyalty, gain market share, and improve their bottom line.

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        Sagar Rajgopal is responsible for overall revenue growth and driving client success through bespoke solution design, CX management, and business transformation strategy. He previously served as Ubiquity’s Chief Operating Officer and has nearly 20 years of diverse experience in the business process outsourcing space with deep credentials in corporate planning, talent retention, and employee development.


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