How contact center outsourcing delivers e-commerce customer experiences to win the new CX race

Outsourcing your e-commerce contact center will improve customer experience (CX) and boost your customer retention rate. Learn why 96% of your customers agree.
How contact center outsourcing delivers e-commerce customer experiences to win the new CX race

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Outsourcing your e-commerce contact center will improve customer experience (CX) and boost your customer retention rate. Learn why 96% of your customers agree.

E-commerce leaders know that better customer experiences (or CX) are a key differentiator to attract and retain their customers.

The message is clear: 96% of customers say that customer service is a key factor for how they choose and remain loyal with a brand.[1]

The race is on for brands to improve e-commerce customer experiences that deliver service quality and increase their customer lifetime value.

And contact center outsourcing can help.

Elevate the e-commerce contact center outsourcing experience

Today, customers are courted from every side—they expect fast, convenient, personalized services and experiences from all the brands they interact with. To stand out, e-commerce brands are scrambling to develop differentiated CX from within.

But here’s the thing: with the right partner, market-leading CX can actually be outsourced. An experienced advanced outsourcing firm can manage the complexity of delivering elevated services and customer experiences—while freeing brands (especially e-commerce brands) to focus on growing their core business.

Here’s how advanced outsourcing can help you get a better handle on customer experience management…

Recenter your focus

There’s a huge amount of cost and complexity when scaling elevated e-commerce customer experiences. Smart brands are partnering with outsourcers they trust who can understand and deliver on the higher standards their customers demand.

If your outsourcing partner shoulders some of the responsibility, your business can better manage other resources and focus on decisions more central to your long-term growth. This is especially true if you’re based in a city or region with high costs and looking to scale rapidly.

Experienced outsourcing partners also help provide an outsider’s valuable perspective on your current customer experience management strategy. They can identify ways to optimize processes and add value to service channels.

Contact variation builds resilience

Customers have preferred ways they want to engage with an e-commerce brand. Interactions that are high volume and low touch may fare better with self-serve technologies such as interactive voice response (IVR) or chatbots. Other customer problems may require more intimate and choice-rich channels for resolution.

But what’s key to great CX is giving customers the means of finding answers with the least friction and the most freedom of choice. Sometimes customers don’t want to talk to get problems solved. And other times just getting through to a person quickly gets results.

You can also add variety to CX delivery by distributing your operations—having multiple contact center sites (including secure work-from-home) mitigates risk. For example, events like natural disasters and power outages (and you guessed it, pandemics) are real trouble if localized to just one area. Spreading your contact touchpoints with strategic outsourcing ensures your customers can always stay in touch.

Remember the power of people

More complex and sensitive problems require an authentic human touch. You can’t pin all your hopes on autonomous technology to shortcut to better customer experiences.

True, technology is great for repetitive, low-stakes interactions. IVR systems don’t win customer service awards—people do. When it comes to complex CX interactions—where positive outcomes are harder to secure, but have compounding impact on loyalty—humans beat robots every time.

It pays dividends to have a dedicated, educated customer service team who can resolve problems with some good old-fashioned human empathy. Entrusting an authentic human touch to outsourcing experts ensures your brand reputation stays intact while saving on other costs.

Data drives better e-commerce customer experiences

Data insights into your customers, their interactions with your brand and service agent performance is gold dust for driving better customer experiences and reducing costs. Data transforms customer service from a cost center into a strategic differentiator.

What’s more, data can facilitate better conversations between an agent and customer. From previous interaction history to patterns of social media engagement, having anticipatory information at hand can help support agents to better understand the context of a customer’s problem and provide a more helpful resolution.

Contact center outsourcing supports better customer experiences

For e-commerce brands looking to outsource, an advanced outsourcing partner should amplify the customer experience and service quality—not dilute it.

Therefore it makes sense to find an experienced BPO who puts CX front and center of their approach.

Customer experience is just one dimension for supporting better business outcomes. Discover how else Ubiquity’s advanced outsourcing solutions can drive long-term growth.

[1] “2017 State of Global Customer Service Report,” Microsoft, 2018.

Outsource with confidence

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