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Podcast: How to master authentic customer experiences and drive loyalty

Listen to this Innovative Payments Association podcast with Ubiquity's EVP Enterprise Transformation, Meg Porter, for strategies on how to improve CX and common pitfalls that can derail your efforts.

What does it take to build successful customer service operations that can deliver authentic customer experiences consistently?

In a recent Innovative Payments Association Payments Pod episode, Meg Porter, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Transformation at Ubiquity, talked with IPA Chief Operating Officer Ben Jackson about proven tactics for better customer experience, including tossing out the script and letting customer service agents be human. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a playbook for success.

After more than 20 years developing training and quality assurance programs for fintechs, banks, and a cross-section of other industries, Meg explains what fuels her passion for CX—learning from every single customer interaction. She also delves into what AI means for the future of contact centers and how best to leverage technology in tandem with a training and coaching circuit to drive authentic CX customers want and fuel continuous improvement.

5 customer experience pitfalls to avoid

Failing to invest in training up front. Do you really think an agent can represent your brand and solve your customers’ problems with only three days of training? Early investments have a long-term payoff and help you cultivate teams of brand ambassadors that perform at a much higher level for your customers.

Processes that undermine your goals. You can’t train agents like robots–here’s my 20-step process you have to remember and will be scored on–and expect them to be authentic.

Broken customer journeys. Lack of information, process, missing opportunities to set proper expectations. No information or incomplete information on a website or in the app about things that customers really care about damages trust and drives up calls for clarification. For example, how long will it take for my money to transfer? Sometimes what happens is that people designing customer journeys already know the answer to the question, so they don’t always remember to include that information so it’s easily accessible to the customer. Or, they don’t set proper expectations. Three to five days is very different from three to five business days when you want to access your money.

Over-indexing on technology to deflect customers vs. solving their problems. Self-service is great, but it’s not going to solve everything. Fundamentally when you’re thinking about how to incorporate any technology or self-service tools or even the information you include in your app, you have to focus more on resolution than deflection.

Get the full scoop on how to design and deliver exceptional, authentic CX by listening to the podcast below or wherever you get podcasts.

Megan Porter leads an enterprise team focused on optimizing efficiency and scalability for Ubiquity by analyzing, enhancing, and standardizing internal processes. Meg’s group works across departments to ensure that Ubiquity is applying best practices and a coordinated approach in everything we do. Previously, Meg developed an interactive curriculum that drove results and engagement for our onsite and remote workforce. Before joining Ubiquity, Meg held senior learning and development management roles with Google, TxVia, Morgan Stanley, and TSYS.

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