Ubiquity Celebrates Juneteenth, Business for Racial Equity Pledge

Commemorating the end of slavery in America is one small step in putting our values into concrete action to improve society for all.

Today we are celebrating Juneteenth for the first time in Ubiquity’s eight-year history. Going forward, our U.S. employees will always have an additional day of paid time off to commemorate the end of slavery in America.

Like many of you, diversity and inclusion is a core value of our organization. But in recent weeks we’ve grappled with how best to actively demonstrate that commitment beyond our four walls.

The celebration today is a welcome addition to the Ubiquity calendar, but it cannot stand alone.

Earlier this month we donated to nonprofits working for justice on behalf of communities of color in Omaha, the city where our largest U.S. center is located. Today, we’ve also signed the Business for Racial Equity Pledge and urge you to do the same.

This pledge calls us to mobilize on issues of economic, social and racial justice in new, innovative and evidence-based ways. Words and celebrations matter, but we must also put our values and our creativity into concrete action.

Our company’s founding principles are innovation, partnership and community. As an organization and as individuals, we must continue to do our part by listening, learning and advocating for all.

We ask you to stand with us in commemorating this day of freedom and signing the Business for Racial Equity pledge. Together we can take meaningful steps toward a more equitable society and a better future for us all.


Matt Nyren

President & CEO

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