Podcast: The Next Phase of Dispute Resolution

Ubiquity's Carol Palmer discusses the new round of concerns from acquiring entities brought on by Visa CE 3.0.
Podcast: The Next Phase of Dispute Resolution

No one, from merchants to processors to customers, likes handling disputed payments. Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 (CE 3.0) intends to reduce these pain points. It provides a standardized framework for all parties involved in the chargeback process, enabling merchants to substantiate claims by sharing real-time information and preventing disputes.

The latest update to CE 3.0 brought a new round of concerns from acquiring entities. PaymentsJournal turned to Carol Palmer, Head of Risk & Compliance Operations at Ubiquity, and Daniel Keyes, Senior Analyst for Merchant Services at Javelin Strategy & Research, for this deep dive Podcast into the introduction of CE 3.0.

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