Why wooing Gen Z helps banks gain more customers of all ages

In this whitepaper, you'll learn why attracting Gen Z digital banking customers requires a fresh approach to CX that—done well—sets banks and fintechs up for success.
Why wooing Gen Z helps banks gain more customers of all ages

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Banking for tweens, teens and 20-somethings (68 million consumers) is a far cry from how their parents started out using financial services. It’s all about the smartphone. But aside from mobile banking features, what else does Gen Z need and want from a bank? And why should banks care? Globally, Gen Z is the largest generation since baby boomers, and they are digital natives. That means banks and fintechs who want their business need a fresh approach to customer experience. The good news: That approach will help financial services providers win and retain more customers across the board.

Learn more about this burgeoning generation of consumers and how you can create better digital banking CX for them.

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