Prevent complaint escalations by listening & responding to social media posts

Your brand is being talked about on social media. Are you tapping into the valuable customer feedback?
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Ubiquity’s social media management service is designed to provide proactive support to customers, identifying and addressing issues before they escalate.

Social Media Monitoring

Ubiquity maintains a vigilant eye on social media platforms to promptly identify and address customer questions or complaints.

Direct Message Management

Ubiquity effectively manages direct message queues on social media platforms, ensuring that every customer query or concern sent via direct message is addressed promptly and accurately.

FAQ Content Sharing

Ubiquity leverages the power of social media to share FAQ content to address common customer queries promptly and efficiently, reducing direct live agent calls.

Customer Engagement

By responding to customer queries and comments in a timely manner, Ubiquity fosters a positive relationship with customers while also gathering valuable feedback and insights.

Training and Expertise

Ubiquity's teams understand the nuances of communicating effectively on social media and are skilled at managing customer interactions in a way that enhances the customer experience.

Zero Call Resolution

The ultimate goal of Ubiquity's social media management service is to achieve "zero call resolution” by addressing customer queries and issues proactively on social media.

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