Watchlist screening is your first line of defense

We detect potential fraud and identify suspicious activity on an always-on basis.

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Watchlist screening is a critical component of anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) efforts. It’s better to catch fraudsters before they gain access to your system.

Customer Onboarding

We collect information about the customer's identity, address, and other relevant details, which is then screened against watchlists to identify whether the customer is listed and if there are any red flags or matches.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our system generates immediate alerts from continuous monitoring of customer transactions and activities that identify any changes in behavior or patterns that may indicate suspicious or high-risk activities.

Automated Risk Assessment

We use advanced algorithms and software to compare customer data against watchlists, flagging all potential matches for further review.

Resolution and Reporting

If a match is confirmed, we aid financial services companies in completing due diligence, reporting the match to regulatory authorities, freezing assets, or blocking transactions.

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