Customer service fine-tuned for exceptional customer satisfaction scores

Knowledgeable agents and problem-solving processes informed by continuous QA feedback loops.

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In the right place

Bespoke discovery means greater agility

Every person on your Ubiquity team has industry acumen, cares about and understands your brand, and is empowered to help your customers. Their passion and knowledge ensures your customer queries are handled expertly and disputes are resolved swiftly. Be more adaptable to changing market conditions, customer demands, and business requirements with a tailor-made service delivery strategy. Every outsourcing engagement begins with a deep dive into your business needs and goals, then we work with you to craft a program that fits your KPIs and budget.
Bespoke discovery means {%greater agility%}

Omnichannel Services

What we do for Customer Service

Across all channels, Ubiquity ensures your customers enjoy memorable, positive experiences. Confidently outsource, knowing each interaction is expertly managed, driving swift resolutions and consistent success.

Global, multilingual call centers

Live and AI-enabled chat


In-app & SMS

Social Media

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Your customers are in caring & capable hands at Ubiquity

We’re constantly learning more about you and your customers and adjusting to meet your changing business needs.

Solution design & implementation

Comprehensive program design consultation, including process and policy, training, QA program review and audit form customization, reporting parameters, and capacity planning.

Engaged brand ambassadors

We immerse support teams in your brand culture during our dynamic training sessions, as well as on-site branding, and plenty of SWAG. Coaching, incentives, and interactive learning develop agents into proud brand advocates.

Targeted technology

From call containment and optimizing self-service to increasing satisfaction and decreasing complaints, our technology targets your objectives.

Always-on feedback loop

We work with you continuously to drive the most efficient process and best customer experience possible via our expert Transitions, Learning Services, and Operations teams.

Overall process excellence and outcomes

We add more value through business insight, partnership-led innovation, industry expertise, and more personalization. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf support.

Responsive and nimble CX improvement

While your solution is built for you, we understand business conditions and needs can change quickly. We pivot quickly to changing requirements at every turn.

Proactive intelligence fuels better decisions

Customer challenges can be great opportunities to build loyalty. Customers remember moments when brands transform a negative interaction into a positive customer experience. Our agents are armed with deep industry knowledge—across financial services, healthcare, e-commerce—and a thorough understanding of your business. That means they’re empowered to take the shortest route to high-value outcomes, even if that means going off-script. That’s the kind of world-class CX we’ve helped disruptors pioneer new services. It’s effective because you get:
Faster speed to proficiency and excellence: Agents onboard and exceed performance targets faster with an artificial intelligence platform that listens to calls and suggests the next best action in a split second and can flag potential compliance issues before they become regulatory complaints.
Extended feedback loop: The momentum doesn’t stop after setup. By focusing on interaction analytics and customer feedback, your support team, led by your dedicated solution manager, will provide actionable insights to drive people, process, and product enhancements.
Ongoing gap analysis: The always-available Training and Quality teams are your conduit to fill any knowledge or process gaps quickly and effectively, and address any system challenges.
Proactive intelligence fuels better decisions

Channel strategy and optimization

    We work closely with you to understand your customers, your competitors, and your operations to create an omnichannel servicing approach that delivers high-quality customer experiences.

    We optimize your channels so that your customers get the right balance of digital-led and people-led processes and touchpoints.

    As a result…

      Your customers get information and action how they want them

      You get operational consistency and efficiency

      Your CX is enhanced, leading to longer customer lifetime value

      Your business is driven toward long-term growth

      Specialized expertise so you can rest easy

        Data privacy and security have never been more important, whether you’re in fintech, retail, healthcare, or any industry that values customer relationships. Your customers need to know you’ve got their back … We’ve got yours.

        Reduce compliance risk while minimizing losses and customer friction with our tenured specialists and experienced leadership in identity verification, KYC/KYB, fraud, and dispute and chargeback management.

        Sleep better knowing data security is built into our entire organization—not just for one program, one wing, or one site. Every Ubiquity agent works in a PCI-, HIPAA- and SOC-2-certified environment. No data is ever stored locally on an agent’s system. Information security and data privacy training are ongoing. Compliance and quality audits keep you at 99+% compliance.

          Hit your KPIs & cost metrics with ongoing optimization

          Optimizing the customer journey is a continuous effort, and it requires visibility into your support team’s performance as well as front-line insights from customer interactions and feedback. With transparent reporting, you gain immediate visibility from daily performance and disposition reporting, call listening, and weekly Quality & Operations calibrations. Quarterly business reviews measure performance against your most important goals, including actionable productivity analysis, key recommendations for enhancements, and proof of your Return on Outsourcing investment.
          Hit your KPIs & cost metrics with {%ongoing optimization%}

          Your Brand. Our Expertise. Infinite Possibilities.

          Ubiquity empowers you to redefine customer engagement. Are you up for the challenge?

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