On-call technical support through always-on channels

Connect with consumers where they expect to find you—wherever that might be.
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We provide timely and accurate assistance across channels that enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Phone support

Toll-free hotlines or customer service phone numbers provide a direct and immediate means for customers to contact support representatives, and Ubiquity knows that live agent contact is often still the channel preferred by many customers.

Live chat support

Customers interact with support agents online in real-time, asking questions and receiving assistance without making a phone call.

Email support

Customers might prefer to send detailed inquiries or more complex problem descriptions via email. Ubiquity teams provide more extensive explanations and attachments to thoroughly respond to queries.

Mobile apps and chatbots

Brands may develop mobile apps with built-in support features, and some use chatbots to assist with common issues. Our automated systems can guide users through troubleshooting steps or direct customers to relevant information on common issues.

Social Media

Customers ask questions or report issues publicly or via direct messages, and support teams respond accordingly.

Online Forums

Brands may host online forums or communities where customers can discuss issues, share solutions, and seek advice from both other customers and company representatives.

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