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Choose business process outsourcing (BPO) services that enable your finserv brand to grow with confidence.

Comprehensive BPO solutions for fintech & Finserv disruptors

Many established financial service brands are paralyzed by routine, red tape, and convoluted processes. It’s the leaner, up-and-coming challenger brands who realize that world-class CX is the only way to win customer loyalty.

In an industry with one of the highest customer churn rates and most troubled NPS track records, fintech brands that deliver real value to their customers stand out.

Outsource Fearlessly

Fintech and finserv brands should seize the moment and invest in better CX to scale their business. Want to know how?

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Our Services


Outsource regulatory and network compliance combined with expert CX management.

Fraud, Risk, & Compliance

Disputes & chargeback management for consumer, business, & commercial

OFAC/PEP/watchlist screenings

Fraud review/investigation

Anti-money laundering services

Manual IDV/KYC

Card blocking/unblocking

Negative balance management

SARs data preparation

Correspondence/returned cards

Regulatory remediation

Global, multilingual call centers

Live and AI-enabled chat

Email, SMS text, & social media

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customer care

Technical support

Inbound & outbound sales


Lending services

Loan origination & processing

Loan underwriting

Loan closing & funding

Post-closing & due diligence

Loan servicing


Asset management & brokerage services

Account setup & maintenance

Broker & advisor support services

Customer service

Transfer agency related processing

Portfolio administration investment research

Investment banking

Pitch books, company profiles, & financial analysis

Financial models, forecasts, & updates

Research reports preparation & authoring

Business intelligence & analysis

Transforming customer experiences in financial services

Applying the right service approach to the right channels gets customers on your side. Backed by a wealth of supportive agent technologies and innovations in analytics and automation, you can keep customers coming back. What’s more, as industry experts, we have a deep understanding of de-risking complex change in a highly regulated environment. We have decades of experience in navigating financial legislation, compliance standards, and ever-evolving customer expectations. Find more transformational value in our CX Bible.
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Our Fear-Free Guarantee

Ubiquity offers measurable savings over managing your CX services in-house and even helps to lower operating costs of work already being outsourced. Our proven approach helps brands Scale Fearlessly and receive a return on outsourcing (RoO).
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    As we expand and evolve the products we offer to our clients, Ubiquity will be an important collaborative partner in that evolution, working with us on a holistic approach to CX across training, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and more. I know they will work hard for us, make sure we’re aligned on the path forward, and stand by their promises.

    Su Chun

    Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, Payfare

Resource Library

The latest in innovative Fintech & Finserv

How to build and retain customer trust through better CX


How to build and retain customer trust through better CX

Consumer trust in banking has faltered amid collapses and increasing financial insecurity. In this on-demand webinar, Meg Porter, EVP of Enterprise Transformation at Ubiquity, explores practical strategies to bolster trust with consumers along the CX journey.

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CustomerThink: Building and Sustaining a Strong Customer Journey

Thought Leadership

CustomerThink: Building and Sustaining a Strong Customer Journey

Technology plays a pivotal role in optimizing resources and ensuring customers are satisfied, but brands need to validate that the customer journey works well from start to finish.
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New Techniques in Fighting Identity Fraud


New Techniques in Fighting Identity Fraud

This on-demand webinar outlines steps you can take to combat fraudsters that are getting more sophisticated and organized in their approaches. All stakeholders should explore techniques that foster customer buy-in, rather than solely concentrating on the banks’ needs.

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    Conversion Rate

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    Double sales

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  • 30%

    Reduce Average handle time

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Optimize your CX to reduce operating costs and gain a competitive advantage

With fintech funding drying up and IPOs on hold, you can’t afford not to optimize your CX.

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