Why the right BPO drives exceptional customer experience

The problem with transactional business process outsourcing—and why relationship-based outsourcing delivers connected customer experiences and long-term growth.
Why the right BPO drives exceptional customer experience

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When it comes to selecting an advanced outsourcing partner, it’s tempting to focus on quick wins and sharp pains rather than long-term goals.

And that’s understandable. Traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) is transactional by nature. It’s designed to take pressure off your operations, so you can focus on managing resources and making decisions more central to your business.

Your BPO plans for customer service probably look good on paper—accounting for future growth with variables such as customer volume, preferred channels and cost efficiencies over time.

But many business process outsourcing plans aren’t optimized to deliver better customer experiences. They don’t account for the complexity of real customer interactions.

What happens when your outsourced call center team picks up the phone to a non-standard or nuanced issue? Are they equipped to address the unexpected with confidence and empathy? And by extension, can you guarantee an unfaltering standard of connected customer service—whatever happens?

This is where many promising transactional outsourcing plans fall short. Because when your customer service suffers, so does your bottom line.

We believe there’s a better way to approach outsourcing so that your great plan stays on track.

The drive for exceptional customer experiences

Transaction-based outsourcing is defined by short-term thinking that drives profit with little consideration for customer experience management.

This kind of thinking doesn’t capture and prioritize better customer experiences—and therefore can’t drive long-term business growth.

Conversely, relationship-based outsourcing is defined by a long-term approach that values and delivers exceptional customer experiences and accelerates profit.

It’s relationship-based outsourcing (or RBO) that builds sustainable business growth. And it boils down to delivering great customer experience (or CX).

Instead of treating interactions with customers like value exchanges, it treats them as opportunities for deeper connections. Like all relationships, this requires investment—but it pays off in the long term.

The most successful companies in the world all have one thing in common—they’ve realized the compounding value in prioritizing customer experience management. So why wouldn’t that mindset extend to outsourcing?

The challenge is that it’s rare to find outsourcers with the expertise to wrangle complexity into exceptional customer experiences. That’s why an advanced outsourcing partnership built for relationship-based outsourcing is so powerful—because you can continually elevate the customer service you deliver without taking on the complexity. Here’s how it works…

The Relationship-based Outsourcing way

RBO through an advanced outsourcing partner is built on three pillars designed to maximize the value and effect of BPO for customer service:

1. CX Anywhere

Your partner should work with you to diagnose your CX problems and fortify your core CX operations—whenever and however your customers need help. It’s ubiquitous.

They should also combine data-backed approaches and deep expertise to help you identify and seize every opportunity for customer satisfaction.

2. Dynamic Implementation

Your RBO partner should empower contact center teams with a CX-first mindset and process.

Their teams need to fully embody your brand and integrate into your process, to respond to the full range of front-, mid- and back-office challenges. It’s this initiative and capacity for helpful connection that’s key to improving customer experiences.

They should also provide transparent ongoing reporting designed to find new ways to present, implement and enhance experiences for higher customer satisfaction.

3. Resolution acceleration

When there’s a problem, customers want it solved fast—and with empathy.

Your partner’s teams should respond well to complexity and balance disputes with sensitivity. Bringing an authentic, connected human touch to customer service is a surefire way to maintain loyalty and lengthen customer lifetime value.

The key to long-term growth

It won’t surprise you to learn that Ubiquity follows this three-pillar approach to every advanced outsourcing relationship we build—in fact we’ve pioneered it.

From broader customer care and technical support to more narrow sales campaigns, we’re ready for any customer experience management challenge you have.

So if you’re looking to drive long-term growth with BPO, talk to us about RBO.

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