Fraud detection & AML Services protect your business & reputation

Stay ahead of the game with systematic legal, regulatory, and institutional monitoring for robust detection & prevention.
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Our specially trained teams work with your fraud-prevention technology tools to help protect your card program or digital wallet.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Financial institutions are required to know their customers and understand the nature of their financial transactions. This involves collecting and verifying customer identity information and assessing the risk associated with a particular customer.

Transaction monitoring & pattern recognition

We monitor transactions for unusual or suspicious activities, and automated systems flag transactions that deviate from the customer's normal behavior or are consistent with known patterns.

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)

When financial institutions detect suspicious transactions, SARs provide details about the suspicious activity and assist law enforcement in investigating fraud or money-laundering cases.

Record Keeping

Financial institutions must retain customer information, transaction records, and other relevant documentation for a specified period as mandated by regulations.

Employee Training & Awareness

Ubiquity employees play a crucial role in recognizing suspicious activities and preventing fraud and money laundering. Training programs educate staff on the latest trends, threats, regulatory requirements, and client policies.

Risk-Based Approach

Ongoing monitoring assesses the level of risk associated with customers, products, and transactions. This allows financial institutions to allocate resources more effectively and focus their efforts on higher-risk areas.

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