This Privacy Notice sets out how We process Personal Data protected and covered by the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other issuances of the National Privacy Commission (collectively, Data Protection Laws), which either you provide to Us or We collect from other sources.

We collect your Personal Data –

Whenever you submit application for employment or internship manually or through email, or the various social media and other web-based platforms maintained by Us (e.g., Ubiquity Career Portal at, Facebook, and LinkedIn), or through any of our vendors providing recruitment services;

while you are employed with Us, when We require that you submit your Personal Data to allow Us to perform our obligations and exercise our rights as employer;

when, by ourselves or through our vendors, We conduct background checks prior to or during your employment with Us;

when you access or use of any of our resources, facilities, and websites (as well as those that can be accessed through the Company’s intranet); and

when you offer your service(s) or when We engage the provision of your services.

We collect and process your Personal Data by ourselves or via third-party service providers (including their employees, representatives, or their authorized contractors) who are contractually bound to afford protection to the Personal Data they process on our behalf, for one or more of the following purposes:

to process and evaluate applications for employment or internship, including the conduct of background checks;

for employment purposes, including among others: onboarding; payroll, compensation, and benefits management; registration with, payment of statutory contributions, and submission of reports to, provision of assistance in availing of services of, government agencies and offices inside and outside of the Philippines; employee discipline, including the conduct of investigation and carrying out disciplinary actions, and performance management; employee information update; personnel trainings; maintenance of employee database and global email system; and offboarding;

to apply for, maintain, renew, or terminate licenses, permits and authorities from government agencies;

to process and evaluate applications for employment or internship, including the conduct of background checks;

to facilitate and process reimbursement claims and claims for business costs;

for security and emergency contact purposes;

to comply with banking, data protection, and other laws and regulations of government offices inside and outside of the Philippines;

to comply with contractual obligations with clients like the submission of performance and other related reports;

for reporting to our parent company and any of its affiliates;

to obtain legal, audit, and other professional advice or services; and

such other processing allowed under existing laws and regulations.

Among the Personal Data that we collect and process are as follows:

Full name;

Home and/or office address(es);

Personal and/or work e-mail address(es);

Employment History (including profession, current role, job title, or designation);

Other Personal Data considered as Sensitive Personal Information, to wit: Information (i) relating to one’s age, marital status, health, education, or to any proceeding for any offense committed or alleged to have been committed by the individual, or the sentence of any court in such proceedings; (ii) specific to the individual and issued by government agencies like social security number, tax identification number and tax returns, Home Mutual Development Fund (HDMF or PAG-IBIG) membership number, passport number, and licenses or the denial, suspension, or revocation thereof;

Personal Data of employees’ family members or designated beneficiaries in our group insurance and similar programs, including said family members’ or beneficiaries’ Sensitive Personal Information listed above;

Birth certificate, marriage certificates, and similar documents evidencing one’s civil status;

Face/photo, fingerprints, or handwriting;

Landline and/or mobile numbers;

Data collected when you access or use any of our facilities like closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage; and

All other information, whether recorded in material form or not, from which an individual’s identity is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by us, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify the individual.

Only to such extent required for legitimate purposes and consistent with the requirements data protection laws we may share your Personal Data to:

    our parent company and its affiliates and subsidiaries;

    our other employees and the employees of our parent company and its affiliates and subsidiaries;

    our vendors and their officers, employers, representatives and agents;

    our clients and their officers, employers, representatives and agents;

    government offices and agencies including, among others: the Social Security System (SSS), Home Mutual Development Fund (HDMF or PAG-IBIG), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and its attached agencies, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), local government units, other regulatory agencies, and industry bodies (like Contact Centers Association of the Philippines [CCAP]);

    any court of competent jurisdiction in relation to the defense in claims against us or the enforcement of our rights, or in compliance with a competent court’s order; and

    auditors, lawyers, consultants, and other professional advisors.

    We retain your Personal Data only for such periods as may be necessary or allowed under the law. Specifically, we retain:

    the Personal Data of employees, particularly their 201 files, while they are employed with us and for four (4) years following the termination of their employment. We, however, may retain Personal Data after the lapse of mentioned period to comply with internal and regulatory reporting requirements. In no case, however, shall we keep the Personal Data more than ten (10) years from the employees’ separation from the Company; and

    the Personal Data of applicants for employment or internship for a period of two (2) years following the completion of Our recruitment process. During this period, we may use the applicants’ Personal Data to reach out to them and offer employment opportunities with us or any of our affiliates.

    The personal data may be retained beyond the mentioned periods when there is a suit or matter involving the employee pending before any court of law, quasi-judicial agencies, and similar bodies. Only after the matter or suit is resolved with finality may the personal data of the individual involved in the suit or matter may be destroyed and upon certification by the Company’s Legal and Compliance department.

    Upon the lapse of the periods specified above, physical records containing the personal data will be disposed of through shredding or any other means permissible, while digital files will be completely deleted from our systems.

    You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information the Company holds about you, as well as to ask for the correction thereto. You also have the right to access, to update your personal information and sensitive personal information, to withdraw or order the removal of personal data, to be indemnified for any damage sustained from inaccurate or unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, to data portability, as well as to lodge a complaint before NPC in case of breach of your data privacy rights. Please note however that in case you exercise any of your rights listed above, when applicable, you may be charged with a minimal fee to defray administrative costs.

    In the event We change or amend this Notice or any part thereof, We will post such changes in our website and intranet, the online platforms We maintain and manage, and at conspicuous places in our offices.

    In case there is a need for employee to change any of his/her personal data (e.g. marital status, residence address, contact information) We are keeping, the employee shall inform Us of such change not later than thirty (30) calendar days from the time of the change. The employee shall notify the appropriate member of our People Team of such change via email.

    For any questions or concerns about this Notice and our processing of your personal data, you may contact the Company’s Data Protection Officer at or (02) 8 556 3816 (Manila or Cagayan De Oro site), (02) 8 638-8050 (Eastwood Site), (049) 508-8813 (Laguna site) (034) 7042144 (Bacolod – both NFCC and Ayala Sites). We shall endeavor to respond to your questions or concerns within fifteen (15) business days from our receipt thereof.

    This Philippines Privacy Notice (regional) was updated as of November 14, 2023. Access the Ubiquity Privacy Policy at

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