How challenger brands can get long-term value from great CX

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How challenger brands can get long-term value from great CX

Brands that deliver good customer experiences (CX) can boost their annual recurring revenue by 300% over three years.

Some CX teams might take “good” to mean “fast”—mistaking speed for customer-centricity. So, they set ambitious metrics, believing that quick resolutions (and lots of them) will bring the brand closer to its goals.

But it only results in customer service that’s numbers-driven, transaction-based, and short-sighted—qualities especially ill-suited to challenger brands.

When it comes to building brand capital, you want to make the most of every interaction. (After all, it’s often when you solve the most complex problems well that you earn a customer for life.)

It means “good” CX, and any outsourcer you work with has to go beyond what’s immediately in front of you—from quick-fix transactions to something more long-term and strategic.

Measure quality more effectively

So, what are you measuring if not the number of customer interactions and the speed at which they’re resolved? If every customer interaction is an opportunity for you to improve, it’s not the conclusion of the interaction that’s most insightful—it’s the content.

More customer-centric metrics you can start measuring right away include drivers of dissatisfaction (DSAT)—as well as customer satisfaction (CSAT)—so you can pinpoint where customers encounter frustrations and why, and then you can take steps to solve them.

The business value of great CX


    of business executives say listening to customers is increasingly important to their bottom line.


        recurring revenue increase over three years for delivering great CX

          Measuring call disposition (why customers are calling and how calls are resolved) can also be a helpful tool in making sure that you’re training agents on the most frequent or most difficult call types.

          Getting a true picture of quality; however, must also address more qualitative measures including factors like active listening and empathy. Yes you want to solve customer problems quickly, but part of doing that is making sure you understand what their problem really is. Experts agree that customers who feel heard are likely to deliver higher lifetime value. In fact, 94% of executives say “listening to customer feedback is increasingly critical to the bottom line,” according to recent survey.

          Collecting these insights is only the beginning. You also need to cross-reference them and communicate them across teams regularly (not just at the end of every quarter) to help you understand where your CX resources are going and where they might be put to better use.

          Set (and stick to) your challenger strategy

          The sort of communication we mentioned above isn’t something you’ll usually find from traditional, transactional BPOs. Because if your customer service agents are simply chasing numbers for short-term wins, they’re not thinking about how they can add strategic value for long-term growth.

          You want a BPO that shares your challenger mindset. You’ll be able to tell by how well the outsourcer integrates its agents into your brand and your strategy—through regular training and informed adjustments, for example.

          With customer service agents who are truly invested in what you do and where you’re going, every customer interaction counts—not toward some arbitrary number, but toward measurable value.

          Focus on the relationships

          If you’re already measuring quality and sticking to your strategy, your brand is well on its way to long-term success enabled by great CX. But your shift away from transactional CX doesn’t have to end there.

          What these tips have in common is that they’re part of a broader strategy based on developing and strengthening long-term relationships—not just between you and your customers, but between your brand, your customer, and your CX provider.

          The right BPO for a challenger brand like yours will apply this personalized approach at all levels of your operations—helping you to solve problems through continual ideation, fine-tuning agents to your changing needs, and always dedicated to delivering authentic experiences to customers. Not just ticking another customer query off their list.

          It’s beyond tips—it’s a whole strategy.

          Outsource with confidence

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