Why you should demand a bespoke solution from business process outsourcing

Cookie-cutter business process outsourcing (BPO) services are bad for CX. Discover 3 core tenets that make up scalable and seamless CX.

Sagar Rajgopal, President and Chief Customer Officer, Ubiquity

Why you should demand a bespoke solution from business process outsourcing

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It can be tempting to think all outsourced customer experience (CX) services are a case of plug and play; jack-of-all-trades team leaders managing recently hired agents who likely won’t stick around beyond the next quarter.

And to be honest, if this is what you think of when you hear the term “outsourced CX,” we don’t blame you. Because we’ve all been on the end of calls, online chats, bots, and IVR systems that give us the impression that’s how these businesses must operate.

And to tell you the truth, some of them are like that. But not all of them. Some companies—the ones that can consistently deliver the best customer experiences—craft their plans months before a single interaction takes place.

They start by understanding the intricacies of your business, people, and processes, then feed them into a CX solution tailored for you. Here’s how we make that happen for our customers.

Your culture directly impacts CX: Your agents buying into your business’s values and mission is just as important as bringing a compelling solution to market.

Sagar Rajgopal

Sagar Rajgopal

President & Chief Customer Officer, Ubiquity

Build the world

Remember the last time you lost yourself in a great film or a book? Well, chances are it wasn’t just the hero that hooked you, it was the world the creators had built around the hero.

At Ubiquity, we think the best BPO service occurs when the context around the solution is brought to life in full and vibrant technicolor. To do that, we first need to understand your world, from the macro trends everyone’s talking about to the minor changes that only the true wonks notice.

Second, we need to understand how your business fits into that world—where it is now, and where you want it to be. Finally, we need to understand your customers—who they are, what they need and want, what touchpoints they spend the most time on.

Crafting this story starts with you and your success advocate, our team of subject matter experts, and your world-building architect: your Solution Designer.

Get specific

It’s time to go one level deeper. We identify your place in the market, your needs, objectives, and constraints, then map them to the competitive landscape.

Our fresh perspective on your business, combined with our deep vertical knowledge, helps us to diagnose your pain points and suggest solutions that align with emerging industry trends. Alongside this, we work with you to explore and improve the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspects of your business.

The “hard” aspects include: your processes, systems, operational constraints, and your current approach to CX. These will inform how we get your solution operational without disrupting your core working practices in the process.

The “soft” aspects are just as important: your culture and behaviors, and your customer profiles. Your culture directly impacts CX: Your agents buying into your business’s values and mission is just as important as bringing a compelling solution to market.

We combine our understanding of your specific needs with market knowledge to inform your solution design, and construct a bespoke and comprehensive CX solution that’s yours, and yours alone. One that fits your unique brand, engages your agents, and solves your customers’ real needs.

Stay agile

Solution design isn’t set in stone—far from it. In reality, it’s a malleable set of systems and processes built to adapt to changing market needs—whether that’s during implementation or long after. As your business develops, your solution design will evolve with it.

Some clients want the whole kit and caboodle from day one—which can be a great approach. For others, it’s better to start with specific features like IVR or email, then as the product or service evolves and the customer base grows, add elements like online chat, live voice, and more.

We also look at process and policy: Are there efficiencies to be had? Are your processes working hard enough for you? Plus, if you’re a scaleup, you’ll likely have frequent product and service changes. We hold regular training and knowledge base updates to minimize CX disruption.

But the process has to be fluid. That’s why we constantly monitor and optimize performance: What processes are causing friction? Which ones are making your brand less sticky? Even the smallest changes can compound to add value: improving FAQs, developing a YouTube channel, or nurturing a narrative on social media.

Let’s grow together

There’s a reason we prioritize evaluating, understanding, and working toward your goals.

Simply put: The best BPO service partnerships are symbiotic.

We’re responsible for ensuring you achieve your business objectives. Because when you grow:

We do, too

Our agents become more proficient and effective

Your customers are more fulfilled

You can better deliver customer experiences, more often, to more customers

It also means that when things change, we can adapt quickly—scaling up or down with minimal fuss.

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      Sagar Rajgopal is responsible for driving client success through bespoke solution design, CX management, and business transformation strategy. After nearly 20 years in business process outsourcing, he understands why brands need an agile CX partner who always has their back.

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