Outsourcing solutions to lower costs & improve CX

With our proven approach to outsourcing, you don’t have to choose between lower operating costs and delivering brand-defining customer experiences.

Why it’s time to try outsourcing

With economic conditions worsening, customer expectations rising, and uncertainty looming, businesses in every country are facing similar problems:

Skyrocketing costs

Staffing and retention challenges

Falling customer satisfaction

Omnichannel demands

Outdated call centre technology

Outsourcing business functions in the front- and back-office can help you address those concerns, but it can also be transformative for your business. However, to realize more than the lower costs that typically come with outsourcing, you need an outsourcing partner with experience scaling world-class customer experience (CX) and back-office operations for businesses like yours, and a people-first mindset.

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    We needed a partner we could trust not only with our customers but also with our growing business. Ubiquity’s financial services and compliance knowledge, along with their commitment to collaboration and providing actionable business insights have made them an invaluable partner and we’re just getting started.

    Shachar Bialick

    Founder & CEO, Curve


A proven appproach
to help brands conquer their biggest challenges


Comprehensive services for disruptors

From acquisition to lasting retention, Ubiquity’s outsourcing services support your customer life cycle end to end.


From customer care to technical support, sales and retention campaigns to sensitive loan and collection services, we put your customers first, using data and technology to drive faster, more personalized customer experiences.
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We manage the complex administrative and regulatory requirements of Fraud, Risk, and Compliance outsourcing, from identity verifications to dispute resolutions. With our expertise, you reduce risks, minimize losses, and help customers navigate claims with less effort.
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Our back-office solutions cover all the bases when supporting a unified customer experience. We take care of analytics, auditing, research, and management so your middle and front office customer service agents can thrive right along with your delighted customers.
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We’re pioneering world-class outsourcing management to drive the business transformation strategies of both challenger and legacy brands. Our consultative approach to solution design delivers winning strategies to grow your reach and deepen your customer trust.
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Next-generation outsourcing services

Customer experience is the biggest differentiator for businesses. That’s why it’s crucial to move past the outdated approach to outsourcing where you hire a vendor to fill seats and answer the phone—and nothing more.

At Ubiquity, we approach outsourcing with a simple premise: Our clients deserve better—better expertise, better ideas, better scale, and better results.

Put our outsourcing experience to work for you

With decades of experience delivering market-leading CX, fraud, risk, compliance, and back-office operations, we’ll guide you through every step of the customer journey to maximize your investment in outsourcing.

Whether you need an outsourcing service for customer experience management, to reduce fraud losses, or to bolster your bottom line for the next phase of growth—we’re a partner you can trust.

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Your goals are closer than you think

Our BPO experts are also experts in your industry. We can help:

Support business growth and profitability

Manage risks

Stabilise as you scale

Reduce servicing costs

Boost customer satisfaction and retention

Develop your technology roadmap

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Outsourcing digital customer experiences

Knowing how and when to use digital technologies to maximise customer experience is key to optimising customer experience and containing costs.

That’s where an experienced outsourcing partner can guide you on the right channels and customer journey design. For example, when it comes to call centre services, your outsourcing partner needs to know how and when to deploy chatbots on the customer journey, and when the human touch will be more effective.

So when selecting an outsourcing partner, choose one with a track record of implementing cutting-edge CX technology, in a strategic way that actually improves CX outcomes.

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Your customers and your business are safe with us

Trust is paramount for every customer relationship, especially at a time when consumers have more choices and are more likely to take their business elsewhere if they have a poor experience (50%) or if a company suffers a breach (48%).

Data Security & Privacy

PCI Compliance (every workstation even remote)

SOC 2 Type II

ISO 27001


Rigorous compliance and audit infrastructure and experience

Regular compliance and data security training and testing, including anti-money laundering

Regulator audit/reporting support for banking partners

Significant audit remediation expertise

The latest in innovative CX

Webinar: New Techniques in Fighting Identity Fraud

Banking Operations

Webinar: New Techniques in Fighting Identity Fraud

This on-demand webinar outlines steps you can take to combat fraudsters that are getting more sophisticated and organized in their approaches.
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Compelling CX is the key to scaling successfully

Banking Operations

Compelling CX is the key to scaling successfully

Achieving scale and sustainability is front and center for growth-hungry fintechs. Learn why CX outsourcing can help reduce costs, mitigate risks, and boost customer loyalty.
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BaaS tech powerhouse infinant taps Ubiquity as preferred CX, back-office services provider for their bank clients


BaaS tech powerhouse infinant taps Ubiquity as preferred CX, back-office services provider for their bank clients

New partnership creates opportunity for community and regional banks to expand their fintech and embedded finance offerings.
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